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Qinhuangdao Hyseawell International Shipping Agency Co.,Ltd, approved by Ministry of Communication of P.R.C. and established at Qinhuangdao port in China, is an international shipping agency company£º

A) Shipping agency: agency services for international shipping vessels, as making shipping documents signing bills of lading, transport contract and dispatch/demurrage agreement on behalf of parties concerned; attending to procedures for entering and leaving port for ships; making arrangements for ships of pilotage, berthing and unberthing, and loading and unloading; attending to customs declaration, making arrangement for cargo/ship fumigation and repair of ships; procuring marine salvage and rendering assistance in marine casualties and settlement of marine disputes; and dealing with matters with respect to vessels, seafarers, passengers or cargoes on behalf of relevant parties.

B)Transportaion agency: vessel¡¯s time/voyage chartering for general/bulk cargoes and the space booking for containers;

C)Container: has our own container freight station and relevant equipments to mantle/ dismantle the container and arrange the in-land transportation.

Our company will provide timely and accurate service with our most endeavor, sincerity andefficient manner. Ship owner¡¯s interests are always the most important.

Looking forward to our pleasant and long-term cooperation in the near future.

Address£º3rd Floor, Hai An Li 21 Building, No.53 Guang Ming Road
                    Haigang District, Qinhuangdao, China.
Zip Code: 066002
Tel£º+86-335-5918840/5918920 /7926711
E-mail£ºops@hyseawell.com  ops@seateronagency.com
web:  www.seateronagency.com

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